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When we cant find some makeup items or run out of it = AAAHHHH ! D:
You dont need to own a whole cupboard of premium cosmetics when you have your drugstore cosmetics to save you ! Even the smallest household items could help you so much ! Our first runner up is of course , yes you guessed it right !

VASELINE ! Oh yes ! what a multi-purpose product ! You can apply it on anything ! Vaseline can be used all over during winters for extra dry skin ! Please Note - Vaseline does not block the pores ! 
2 . Cheap way to grow your eyelashes ? Apply vaseline on your lashes overnight and see the difference after continuous usage ! 
3 .  You can mix food colouring with vaseline to create your own eyeshadow , lipstick and blush ! Mix lipstick and lipsticks ( if you want to experiment with colours ) with vaseline in a small container and heat it with your blow dryer to make your very own lipstain or cream blush !  
4 . Broken eyeshadow ? Not a problem ! Break the eyeshadow completely and mix with vaseline to make your very own eyeshadow or liner ! 
5 .Vaseline can be a very effective makeup remover ! It takes out the toughest waterproof makeup !
6 .Vaseline can be used under eyeshadow in little amounts as a primer (not suitable for oily lids) or give a glossy sheen to your eye makeup !  
7 . Carry a small tub of vaseline and ear bud to save you when your kohl or liner gets smudged ! 
8 . Apply vaseline on your heels during winter before putting on your socks and you will get up with baby soft feet ! 
9 . Vaseline can be used in place of grease to prevent the screeching sounds of doors,windows,cupboards, etc !
10 . Give your leather products new shine by polishing with vaseline ! :D
11 . Apply vaseline on your lips and scrub with a small and gentle toothbrush to exfoliate your lips ! apply vaseline every night for chap-free lips :)
12 . Vaseline when applied on finger tips , gives smooth application while putting nail polish . It even prevents the nail polish from staining your fingers ! Use vaseline as a cuticle cream !
13 . Tame your eyebrows buy putting a bit of vaseline on your mascara brush ! Brush your eyebrows in an upward-outward motion to set your eyebrows for a looong time ! You can even use vaseline as a mascara ! Vaseline also eases eyebrow plucking !
14 . WHICH !@#$%^&*() STUCK CHEWING GUM ON MY HAIR BEFORE MY DATE ?!?!?! Vaseline will takecare of it ! 
15 . Apply vaseline ( where you usually spray your perfume ) before you spray yourself with perfume , to make it lasts longer ! 
16 . To prevent hair dye from seeping into your head ,softly dab vaseline all over your hairline and keep that box hair dye from dying your forehead the color of your new hairdo.
17 . Havent had a haircut for years ? Split ends spoiling the picture ? apply little vaseline on your split ends to camouflage them ! 
18 . Remove eyelash glue on your lids with vaseline ! 
19 . Before keeping your nailpolish away , apply little vaseline under the cap to avoid wrestling with your nailpolish the next time you do your manicure/pedicure ! 
20 . Avoid lipstick stains on your teeth by apply a bit of vaseline on your teeth ! 
21 . If you can’t get your earrings in, put Vaseline on your earlobes and they will slide in more easily  
22 . Mix it with sea salt to make a body scrub          
23 . To remove stains from clothing , try putting Vaseline with a damp cotton on the stain before you wash it ! 
24 . 
Vaseline helps to protect and heal new tattoos
25 . 
Remove a ring that is stuck on your finger by smearing it with Vaseline
26 . 
Vaseline is a good moisturiser if you have acne as it helps to prevent scars
27 . 
Heal sunburn
28 . To get rid of dandruff , apply vaseline on your scalp overnight and wast it off in the morning !
29 . 
Put a tiny, tiny bit on your hands and scrunch your hair to give it texture
30 . 
Kill head-lice by applying Vaseline to your scalp to suffocate them

       Now THAT was looong !!! I never really liked vaseline but after I got to know what an A-rated product it is , my opinions have surely changed ! Hope I helped ! Take care <3 :)
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  • aree1997

    OMG , I never realized these facts :D

    Friday 19 October 12 19:28
  • Ching92

    Haha ! Me too ! Till i found a tub of vaseline and used it for almost everything ! :D

    Saturday 20 October 12 08:13

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